A Word from Our CEO

Giving thanks for the co-op family

            Every November, Americans gather together with their families to give thanks for the blessings in their lives. It is also a time for us, the employees of your electric co-op, to give thanks for you, our members.

            You see, without members, electric co-ops wouldn’t exist. Most of the nation’s electric co-ops were created in the late 1930s and early ’40s by groups of farmers and their neighbors who banded together to provide a common need. Today, the electric co-ops have roots that run deep in Arkansas and across our country.

            Here at Craighead Electric Cooperative, we work to ensure that your electric service is safe, affordable and reliable. We work to keep you informed, both with news concerning your co-op, as well as information that can help you save energy and money. We do that through Arkansas Living magazine, social media and other outlets. We also offer a variety of training for our employees to help them stay at the peak of their profession.

In addition, we work to go beyond what’s expected. The co-op business model always puts members first, from operating at the lowest possible costs to building relationships in the communities we serve. And every member has an equal voice in running the enterprise. Co-ops are small enough to listen and, because we are locally based, we are part of the communities we serve. Being a part of our communities helps us be more aware of the needs of our members.

            Electric co-ops are doing more than just saving money for their members. They make being a member a truly unique experience. And each co-op employee is committed to meeting higher standards of member satisfaction.

For that, we give thanks that we’re more than just an electric utility. We’re a part of your lives and you are a part of ours. We are the “co-op family.” Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Craighead Electric Cooperative.