CECC Proposes New Rates

CECC will submit a rate adjustment request to the Arkansas Public Service Commission in July. If approved, it will go into effect with usage beginning Oct. 1, 2022, and reflect a 9.3% average increase across all rate classes — residential, commercial, and lighting, including an increase in the service availability charge.

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Vernon “Buddy” Hasten, CEO of AECI/AECC, recognizes Brian Duncan for his years of service to the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas.

Duncan Retires

After 44 years of employment at Craighead Electric Cooperative Corporation, Brian Duncan has retired as CEO. He is succeeded by Jeremiah Sloan, former COO of empower Broadband.

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Craighead Electric Names New Chief Executive Officer

The Board of Directors of Craighead Electric Cooperative has named Jeremiah Sloan as the new Chief Executive Officer of the corporation. Terry Rorex, Board Chairman, stated, “We are excited to announce Jeremiah Sloan as the newly appointed CEO of Craighead Electric. Sloan will succeed Brian Duncan following his retirement in March.”

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Introduction to SmartHub

Life is fast, and it can be hectic, but paying your bill doesn’t have to be complicated. With Craighead Electric Cooperative SmartHub web and mobile app, it won’t be. We wanted to take the opportunity to give you some valuable information that will help you prepare for the launch of SmartHub.

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