You are currently viewing November/December 2022 Hotlines Newsletter

November/December 2022 Hotlines Newsletter

Membership Handbook

The Craighead Electric Cooperative Membership Handbook has been updated for 2022. This is a handy PDF that includes everything a Craighead Electric Member needs to be an informed member-consumer: Bylaws, Facts Every Member Should Know, the new Rates, and other Arkansas Public Service Commission Required Information.
Front Page Membership Handbook_1
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Holiday Closings

The offices of Craighead Electric Cooperative will be closed on the following days to allow our employees to enjoy the holidays.

Thanksgiving: November 24th and 25th
Christmas: December 23rd and 26th

We wish our members a safe and enjoyable holiday season!

Squirrel Hunt

Our inaugural IT’S PAYBACK TIME Squirrel Hunt was a huge success! Two empower teams and three Craighead Electric Cooperative teams hunted to collectively (and legally) lessen our area of 43 squirrels.
Squirrels cause NUMEROUS outages and BIG issues for both companies & many of our customers so, in good fun, we competed to see which company could rid our area of the most.
CONGRATS to empower for taking home the win, the awesome trophy and bragging rights for a year! They averaged 4 squirrels per person.
Thanks to all hunters/coworkers for participating!

How To: Rebooting your Devices

We kid about “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” being the first thing that tech support always asks when there is an electronics problem, but it’s true that a quick reboot is often the quickest way to clear many issues. Make sure you take these steps before calling for help.

HowTo reboot your internet devices
Introducing Smarthub

Usage Data Exports in SmartHub

Data exports for your energy data have arrived in SmartHub the form of the GREEN BUTTON.

What is Green Button?

Green Button is a national, government-led initiative that gives customers easy and secure access to their personal energy use data. After downloading your usage data, you can view it in your internet browser, or upload it to any third-party site that supports Green Button data analysis. Information you will be able to view with your usage data includes a summary of your electricity usage over the time frame you specify when downloading your usage – up to 14 months.


Green Button example

How do I download my Green Button data?

To download your usage data, head to your SmartHub account in any browser and navigate to the My Usage tab and click the “Green Button Download My Data” button. A popup will appear, and you will select your report criteria. After making your selections, click the “Download Usage Data” button. This will download your usage data in a zipped XML file format. You can extract the data from the  zipped file for your own use or upload it to any third-party site that supports Green Button data analysis.

What are the benefits of using Green Button?

Green Button can help you manage your energy consumption by providing you with a detailed breakdown of your usage data. After viewing your consumption, you may be better able to manage your energy usage habits and potentially lower your electricity bill.