We understand that unexpected expenses or circumstances may come our way from time to time. That is why at Craighead Electric we try to work with our members as much as possible.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, we would like to offer several opportunities to help you:

Call our office before the “shut-off date” (800-794-5012) to arrange a Delayed Payment Agreement. We will defer the remainder of your bill to your following 3 months bills.

Call our office before the “shut-off date” to request an extension.

Qualifying low-income residential members with a total household income of $12,000 or less may be exempt from sales tax on the first 500 KWh used each month. Click here to fill out the Sales Tax Exemption form

Contact one of the following agencies for payment assistance:

  • Crowley’s Ridge Development Council (CRDC): 870-935-8610
    • CRDC Offices
      • Monette: 870-486-2480
      • Lake City: 870-237-8390
      • Marked Tree: 870-358-3639
      • Harrisburg: 870-578-2871
      • Lepanto: 870-475-6005
  • Black River Area Development Corporation (BRAD): 870-892-4547
  • North Central Area Development Corporation (NADC): 870-793-5765
  • East Arkansas Area on Aging: 800-467-3278
  • Salvation Army: 870-932-3785
  • American Legion: 870-930-3783
  • Department of Human Services: 870-972-1732
  • American Red Cross: 870-932-3212
  • Mission Outreach- Paragould: 870-236-8080
  • Peacan Grove – Paragould: 870-239-8472
  • VFW-Paragould: 870-236-6810
  • VFW-Jonesboro: 870-932-4611
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